The Barcode for Life Mission

Doelstelling van Barcode for LIfe is HIghtech DNA-analyse t.b.v. geïndividualiseerde behandeling van kanker.

Our mission is; to bring cancer back to a chronic illness. That is why we raise funds for the CPCT, the center for the research into individualized treatment of cancer patients. Naturally we endorse and follow the codes of conduct for charities in the Netherlands, as set for in the codes of conduct for fundraising institutions.

Barcode for Life Goals

To collect sufficient financial resources for the CPCT in order to enable the CPCT achieve in the Netherlands in 2019:

  • Each individual tumor can be analyzed using DNA analysis
  • Patients, of those treated by the CPCT, receive treatment that is 20% more effective on average than in 2007
  • Patients, of those treated by the CPCT, are on average 50% less exposed to unnecessary side effects of medicines that do not work for their specific cancer than in 2007.

Barcode for Life strives to ensure that overhead costs are kept to an absolute minimum and to ensure that 100% of the collected funds are passed on to the research of the CPCT.

Goal Summary

The translation of our mission into a one sentence summary is:
“To create the possibility that every patient with cancer is given the most effective and least detrimental treatment of cancer.”

1 in 3 gets cancer

This goal is even more important in the Netherlands were 1 in 3 people gets cancer. Annually more than 40,000 patients die due to cancer and 90,000 new patients with cancer are diagnosed. The treatment of cancer is currently based on the treatment which fits that category of cancer (for example breast cancer) best, with the best success rate. That means regrettably that patients are still being exposed to medications that may not always help but do come with side effects. That can and needs to be changed!

Tailor made treatment plan

The cancer fund “Barcode for Life” is committed as a “charitable organization” to the medical research into the personal and targeted treatment of cancer. Research that in turn creates the opportunity for tailor made, individual treatment of cancer.

Barcode for Life raises funds so that the research into individual treatment can continue. Due to the research into the treatment of cancer it will be possible, in the near future, to decide which medication or treatment method has the best chance of success for each individual patient.

Each patient with cancer will be given a tailor made treatment plan and therefore does not need to be exposed to unnecessary side effects of a generic treatment.