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Downloads that you may need in order to assist you in communicating about your event and Barcode for Life can be found on this page.

Fantastic that you want to plan an event to support Barcode for Life. From this webpage you can download the Barcode for Life logo to show everyone who the event is supporting.

For financial-controllers who are interested in the annual reports, the most recent annual reports can be found here. You can also copy the standard introduction text about the foundation found here:

Barcode for Life is ANBI approved and in possession of the CBF-label for charities. 100% of donations received are spent on one goal. Barcode for Life is thereby the only Dutch charitable fund that finances the long-term clinical research into the individual treatment of cancer by the CPCT, which means amongst other research, research is done to look at the causes of resistance against chemotherapy and the development of individual treatment programs.If you are missing anything, click here to contact us.

  • Download the Annual Report 2014
  • Download the Annual Report 2013
  • Download the Annual Report 2012
  • Download the Annual Report 2011
  • Download the Annual Report 2010
  • Download the CPCT pamphlet (Dutch Language version)
  • Download a Barcode for Life leaflet

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Download below the Barcode for Life Logo
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(TIFF Formaat: 1084 x 698 px resolutie: 300dpi Transparant)

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More information regarding the Center for Personalized Cancer Centre (CPCT) can be obtained from the website of the CPCT, by clicking here.