Companies who support us

Barcode for Life aims to keep its overhead costs to an absolute minimum so that 100% of the funds raised can be transferred to the CPCT in order to support their research. Employee expenses are covered by themselves, and unavoidable costs such as Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box and similar are covered by ambassadors. In 2013 there were no expenses, declared nor paid out by Barcode for Life. The companies mentioned below have participated and contributed entirely for free to the goal of the fund: “To create the possibility that every patient with cancer is given the most effective and least detrimental treatment of cancer.”

Sponsors are essential!

The Board of Directors, and the Supervisory Board thank all of those whose have invested their energy and enthusiasm on behalf of Barcode for Life. This applies to individual sponsors, companies and organizations with their sponsorship funds, the ambassadors, volunteers at the events, the staff at the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT) and all others involved who one way, or another have contributed.

This dedication and involvement make our motto all the more clear: “Cancer, we take it personally”.

Companies that support us amongst others are:

Yellow Lemon Tree


Yellow Lemon Tree is responsible for the new website and is a full-service internet bureau. The company is based in Amersfoort, the heart of the country. With a team of idiosyncratic characters – with a healthy addiction to their field of expertise – have made companies successful online for more than ten years.
Yellow Lemon Tree enters into long term relationships with their clients, were mutual involvement and efficient cooperation play a dominant role. Working with Yellow Lemon Tree is a challenge, but one step is often enough for a long-term positive mutual collaboration


Bedrijven die Barcode for Life steunen:<br> Thanz Communicatie” class=”wp-image-303″/></a></figure>

<p>THANZ Communicatie designed the Barcode For Life logo as well as the latest flyer and the last website of Barcode For Life.</p>


<figure class=Bedrijven die Barcode for Life steunen: Xeed

Xeed is the wonderful translator of the wonderful design of THANZ communication. They built our previous website.

AUREN Audit & Assurance

Bedrijven die Barcode for Life steunen:  Auren

AUREN Audit & Assurence based in Amersfoort deliver the yearly audit, without passing on the costs, of the annual accounts for Barcode for Life.

Randstad Holding

Bedrijven die Barcode for Life steunen: Randstad Holding

Randstad Holding assist with providing print facilities and staffing.


Bedrijven die Barcode for Life steunen: BMC

Young Professionals staff provider.

Boon Edam

Bedrijven die Barcode for Life steunen: Boon Edam

Boon Edam is the world market leader in revolving doors, and the leading supplier in secure entries.