Board of Directors/Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board  
Robert Maanicus Judge (Chairperson)
Jan van der Panne CFO BMC Groep (member)
Ab van Urk Owner MBO & Groeifonds (member)
Jan van den Top Owner SFS Financial Solutions
Jan van den Top Owner SFS Financial Solutions (Director)
Peter Kuijper Owner Mind&Health BV (Director 3rd Party Relations)

Members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board are appointed for a 4-year term and all positions are honorary. Therefore, they do not receive any remuneration or other fees for the performance of their duties. By the formation of the Supervisory Board and the nomination/appointment of the director, care is taken to look at the individual qualities of the persons. With an emphasis on financial, managerial and communicative qualities. All members of the Supervisory Board and the Directors possess a strong affinity with the objectives of Barcode for Life and have an extensive network within the Dutch business community.

The Supervisory Board is tasked with supervisory tasks. None of the members of the Supervisory Board has a relevant secondary position. The directors are tasked with administrative tasks as well as the daily management. The directors do not hold any relevant additional functions.

The Supervisory Board and the Directors are personally committed to our goal. The CPCT (click here for more information) which performs fundamental, translational and applied medical research in the field of cancer with the goal of giving each cancer patient a ‘tailored’ individual treatment. Key to this the analysis of the DNA of the tumor of the patient and to have this data along with the clinical details stored in one central database to predict and improve the treatment.

The Supervisory Board and the Directors are proud that Barcode for Life differs itself from other fund raisers by making almost 100% of the funds raised available for one goal and one partnership. Click here to get the best and most complete overview as to why you should support our cancer fund right away.

  •  Percentage spent on our goal is almost 100%
  • One goal, the Center For Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT)
  • Supports only long term research into more effective individual treatment of cancer
  • Generic Focus, all age groups and all different forms of cancer
  • Change in funding once goals are financed regularly