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Barcode for Life

The fight against Cancer is necessary as according to the analysis done by the CBS (2010) around 1 in 3 people in the Netherlands is diagnosed with a form of cancer, and more than 40,000 people die each year from the effects of cancer.

More healing, less side effects

Since our foundation, we have as ANBI fund with the CBF-Approved, focused on more effective treatments of cancer with less side effects. The only goal of our foundation: ‘Effective cancer treatment, more healing of cancer patients and less side effects stemming from the treatment. We aim to meet this goal through our support to the CPCT.

Individual Cancer treatment

The cancer research of the CPCT is focused on the study and analysis of the changes in the DNA of the tumor cells. DNA-analysis is being used to more and more to predict how different types of tumors are likely to develop. One result of this is that medication can be used to specifically target the DNA changes. This in turn means, that treatment can be made patient specific with less side effects and a more appropriate medication. Your contribution is transferred without any deduction to this goal.

Unique in the Netherlands

We are therefore the only foundation in the Netherlands that finances nothing other than long term clinical cancer research within the CPCT that is also looking to the potential causes of resistance to chemotherapy and as mentioned above, the development of personalized treatment plans. Click here for more information about the CPCT, and to see which hospitals are associated with them.

Our Foundation

This website gives you information about the goal of our foundation: ‘Research into cancer and the individual treatment of cancer’. As our cancer foundation is only supports the research of cancer and research into the individual treatment of cancer, you will not find on this website information related to cancer prevention, cancer and nutrition, cancer and weight nor cancer and physical activity.

Barcode for Life Video:

Why is DNA analysis the base for future individual tailor made treatments of cancer?

Film over Barcode for life, een Anbi stichting met CBF-Keur